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Pinterest downloader online is a free tool to download any pinterest videos and GIFs and images online. Pinterest Downloader will help you to download Pinterest Video Free, including Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram and more.

For Example:

Download Pinterest Video, Gif, and Images Online

Pinterest Downloader online is a free web tool for saving Pinterest videos directly to your device. With the help of this Pinterest video downloader tool you can easily download videos from the Pinterest. will also help you to download gifs and images from the Pinterest website for free. This Pinterest video downloader tool is totally free for all users, there is no restriction for saving video offline.

Copy Video URL

Copy the Pinterest video URL.

Paste Video URL

Paste Pinterest Link in above input box and click download button.

Download The File

Right click on the download video button and save as.

What is Pinterest and How to save Videos from Pinterest?

Pinterest is a Social Media Network website where People from different- 2 Countries is sharing and uploading videos, Gif, and images on this platform for entertainment purpose and advertisement purpose.

Note: If someone wants to download Pinterest videos or save Pinterest videos in their system or mobile phones then they did not do this because the Pinterest website does not allow them to download video or save video from their website. But Now Here is the solution to your problems, Pinterest downloader online website can help you to download Pinterest videos, gif, and images for free, there is no any charges or restriction for this.

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So Let get started Here, I will tell you How to download Pinterest video, gif, and images from this tool step by step.

I would like to tell you that with the help of this tool we can download our Pinterest video from different-2 formats like mp4, mp3 720, or other formats. For mobile phone users if they want to download Pinterest videos via mobile, then check the following steps to save the Pinterest video.

How To Get Video From Pinterest?

If You are a Mobile User: (How to Save Pinterest Videos?)

Step:1 First of all Open Google and search the Pinterest website or it’s an app and open on your mobile device.

Step:2 After opening the Pinterest website or app, go to the search box of Pinterest and search for a video, now you are able to see many lists of videos there.

Step:3 Then click on any video which you want to download, that video will be open. For downloading that video, you will see a send name button on that video. Now You click on it. After clicking you will show a copy icon. Clicking on that copy icon will copy the link of your video.

Step4: After that paste, the copied link of the Pinterest video in the search box of website, then click on the download button.

Step5: After that you find the link format to download the video, Thus you can download Pinterest video on your mobile phones without any hassle.

If You are a Desktop, Laptops, or Mac Users: (How to download Pinterest Video?)

Step:1 Now the first step is that you have to go on Then Go to the search box of Pinterest and search the videos there. Then you will find a list of videos. Now select the videos as per your choice.

Step:2 Now click the selected video, your video will be played, Then you have to click on the send button of this video. As you can see in the image below.

Step:3 After clicking the send button, you will see some menu. Now you have to click on the link button and after clicking on the link button, your video link will be copied.

Step:4 After copying Pinterest video, Go to website and paste the link of the copied video into the Pinterest download area.

Step:5 After pasting the video link in the search box, you have to click on the download button, now you will get the link of your video to download.

Step:6 For the saving that Pinterest video “Right-click on the download button (or tap and hold if using a mobile) and choose the Save/Download option.”

Is downloading Pinterest video legal?

You should possibly download recordings in the event that you have authorization from the copyright holder. Unapproved downloading is against Pinterest’s terms of administration. It is dangerous to download copyright-ensured recordings without the creator’s authorization. Pinterest video downloaders recommend you regard the proprietor’s privileges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Where is the Pinterest Video download file saved?

The downloaded files will be saved in your download folder by default. You can also change the location in your device where you want to save this video. Also, You can open this folder through your browser or file manager.

Question 2: How long will I spend downloading Pinterest Video, Gif, or Images?

It depends on the length of Pinterest Video, Gif, or images files you are to download. In detail, it takes a few seconds to download a gif and images and five-minute for videos, while much time to download Pinterest videos longer than 5 minutes. You can rest assured that this tool always delivers an amazing downloading speed for each of you.

Question 3: Unable to download private Pinterest videos properly?

Check the permission of the video owners, if they allow you to download their videos for offline, then you can do otherwise you are not able to save that video, rest of them you can download other videos.

Question 4: How many Pinterest Videos files can I download at the same time?

If you have to download a large number of Pinterest Video files, it is advisable to open a few more pages to download at the same time. Theoretically, there is no limit for you to download Pinterest video, gif, and image files. You can download as many as possible based on your Internet Speed and condition generally, you can download many videos and gifs all at the same time without limiting the number of tasks.