How to download videos from TED?

TED is an academic website with an extensive video collection of conversations by various respected figures. This is a great choice for consumers who are looking for enlightenment and want to make new discoveries in science, technology, medicine and more. All TED calls can be seen through a browser. However, if you want to save an inspiring video, you might want to download it to a portable device.

The following article explains how to download TED calls with subtitles and view them offline.

What is TED talk?

TED, short for technology, entertainment and design, is a non-profit media organization that publishes online conversations for distribution under the motto “Ideas Worth Spreading.” Initially, TED focused on technology and design, but expanded its repertoire by including lectures on many scientific, cultural and academic topics. These conversations will be shared through their global conferences, which provide visionaries in various fields of the platform to spread their creative ideas throughout the world. In its narrative style, this conversation is widespread on the Internet and is downloaded by many users for offline viewing.

Two ways to download TED Talks with translation

Method 1: Download TED talks from the official TED website

If you only want to download one or no more than three TED videos from time to time, you can download it directly from the official website. This is the easiest way to download TED videos from the TED website. Each page in the conversation contains a download button. (You can see the button on the graph in the screen below.) Open the video page you want and click the download button.

You can choose a translation in English or one of 100 languages, or simply download it without translation. Please note that the default setting is “Subtitle: Off”. If you want to download TED calls with subtitles, you must activate them. You can also choose between video quality and download videos such as MP3 audio or MP4 videos.

The download location depends on your browser and computer / device settings. You can change it according to your needs.

Method 2: Download TED Talks with TED Downloader

TED video Downloader (version 2) is a simple but clean tool that allows you to download video from TED in bulk. This is a small and free software with a very easy to use interface. This program can be installed on your Microsoft computer. You must first install NET version 4.0 to run TED Talks Downloader.

With TED Talks Downloader you can choose the videos that you want to download from the website and choose the appropriate quality (low, regular, and high). The higher the quality, the longer the download will take. Now select the file you want to download, click “Update Link”, select the video you want to download and click “Get TED Talks”.

The new version of this tool offers several new main functions that significantly enhance the download experience.

First, you can download from the shorter to the longer one by one, according to the upload date, to get the latest information. You can find the results in the progress bar.

If you want to do this with another download manager, you can export and copy the download path to a text file and paste it into the manager. It can save a text file with the video URL downloaded for reference.

Finally, you can download the TED video behind the proxy address.

If you only want to download one or more TED videos, you can choose one of two methods. Depending on your actual needs, these two methods are very easy to master.

In general, these are two ways to get work done. Can you download the TED subtitle call now? If you are a TED fan, you can try recording your favorite videos stored on your computer or other portable devices. Trade and enjoy your videos!

Download videos on TED.com

1. Visit the discussion page

2. Click the “Share” button

3. This will open a window with several options for sharing or downloading

4. Click the Download button

5. A new window with download options opens

6. Click Download Video (MP4) or Download Audio (MP3) (note: audio version is not available for every call).

7. You can add subtitles to your video downloads by selecting the language in the menu directly above the Download video button (the default is “Subtitle: Off”).

8. The location of your download depends on your browser and computer settings

It is important to note that not all TED.com videos are available for download for several reasons:

– Video is the appearance of a copyright protected song that is not owned by TED

– other copyright licensing issues

– This video is not part of TED (this is part of our “Best of the Web” series)

– Video is a TEDx lecture by an independent event

– Videos are part of our “TED-Ed” series

– This video is from the TED Institute event

Download videos from the TED iOS app:

1. Visit the discussion page.

2. Tap the “Down Arrow” icon. “”

3. Arrows become a circle symbol. You can stop the download by tapping X.

The blue banner below shows the download percentage.

4. The circle becomes a check mark when the download is complete. You can tap the checkbox to delete the download.

5. You can find your download (and you can also track or delete its progress) in the “Downloads” folder on the “Account” tab.

Download videos from the TED Android app:

1. Visit the chat page

2. Tap the down arrow icon

3. The arrow symbol changes and indicates the progress of the download

4. The arrow will activate when the download is complete. You can tap the checkbox to delete the download

5. You can find your download (and track or delete progress) in the “Downloads” folder on the “My TED” tab

If you cannot download videos when you are not connected to WiFi, make sure your application and / or device is set to allow downloads when using cellular data.

If you are still having trouble downloading videos or playing downloads offline, please contact us at contact@ted.com with as much detailed information as possible about this problem.

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