How to speed up netflix downloads

Netflix downloads are slow: How to speed up Netflix downloads

Most of these tips apply to any video streaming site, so you can use them again for Hulu and YouTube. 

Let’s see some tricks fix Netflix download speed slow problems.

1) Understand the speed of the internet you are achieving

Make sure you get the speed promised by your ISP before swearing in the general direction of Netflix. Simply passing the speed test at Ookla is probably the fastest and easiest way to check download speeds (and upload). If you don’t work on a computer, there are mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

If the last number is very low, it is time to talk to your ISP or try to improve your Wi-Fi connection. If all goes well, you have to understand why Netflix isn’t getting enough bandwidth.

2) Check where your bandwidth goes

Monitoring Internet usage on the network is not the easiest task, and for most of us, the easiest way is to close the application and turn off the device to see if the situation improves.

In other words, turn off Spotify, turn off Wi-Fi on your cell phone, and make sure no one is running a very popular live show on Facebook below.

If you want to learn more, programs like GlassWire and NetLimiter (Windows) and Little Snitch (macOS) can tell you which applications are running on your local computer on the Internet. Depending on the model, your router can provide information about who uses what.

3) Simplify your browser

Browser extensions can often intentionally or otherwise interfere with some solid video streams. Either they steal valuable bandwidth or your browser requires so much time and resources that Netflix cannot see.

First, close all unused browser tabs, then open the extension page and check if there are add-ons that you can use or if you feel excessive. You can deactivate it instead of deleting it to determine whether this is important.

Creating this extension through extensions will take time, but on the other hand, this extension will give you a better idea of ​​who the most serious violators are in terms of interrupting video flow. Another option is to simply install an alternative browser to launch Netflix.

4) Perform a full security scan

If you have persistent buffering problems with Netflix, it may be due to malware or virus fraud. Unbeknownst to you, you may be listed on the world’s largest botnet.

A full system scan of the security application of your choice is a good place to start, but may not be very effective if the breach of code has exceeded your security protection.

For a second opinion, do a scan when needed using a Microsoft security scanner (for Windows) or Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (for Windows or Mac).

5) Check your Netflix settings

Finally, check the settings in the Netflix web application itself to ensure you reach the highest speed. To get started, you must adhere to the standard package for HD streaming and the premium package for Ultra HD, 4K quality on certain occasions.

Log in to your Netflix network account, select your account from the menu under your avatar, and then click Playback Settings. Select Automatic to make Netflix adjust the streaming quality based on available bandwidth, or High to force the use of the best quality you have registered.

If our goal is to reduce buffering rather than get the best quality, we may need to downgrade to one or two levels – even if it is only temporary while your ISP will eventually solve the problem.

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